How to get FREE Bitcoin mining

free bitcoin mining

Everyone knows mining cryptocurrency can be hard, even for people with custom built set ups. As technology advances the difficulty for free bitcoin mining gets harder and harder due to more people doing it. There are always two sides to a coin though; because it gets harder, people are always figuring out ways to get around it.

There are many ways to get bitcoin, but to efficiently get free bitcoin mining there are only really two are on the table at this stage. The first option is to hire out your mining set up, what this does is give other people the ability to cloud mine using your rig while you rip all the profits in bitcoin.
The second option is to spend some time completing tasks such as: Watching videos, play games, and mainly completing captcha. This lets anyone out there get free bitcoin mining, but without the mining.


free bitcoin mining

Do you feel like you are not getting enough from your mining rig? Most crypto currencies have very high difficulty, which requires you to have an ungodly amount of hash to be able to get any decent amount of the coin. If you use this way of doing free bitcoin mining, you are effectively putting your mining rig for hire. People will use your mining rig for cloud mining and you get bitcoin as payment.
This way of getting Bitcoin is very efficient because you earn in a currency that is always scaling in price. The name of this amazing website is Nicehash, it will change the way you mine crypto currency and you will never go back.


free bitcoin mining

What if you are missing the mining rig but still want to get involved in the crypto currency boom? Everyone knows bitcoin is the big coin that started it all; by using this method you only have to complete small tasks like watching specific videos the whole way through, completing captcha codes and playing certain games. The most common one is unlocking captcha. This is a huge advantage for you as captcha are quick and easy. The more you do, the more you gain and having such simple tasks only, a no coiner would ignore this method. There are many types of websites that provide this kind of services but the most efficient and the one we recommend this website.


It’s the small, but smart investments that count. These free Bitcoin mining techniques, that either require you to own a mining rig or just have an internet connection, are the best ways to get started in the bitcoin game.
If you stay consistent and follow either of this ways, you are bound to obtain success in no time.
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